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Welcome to our website ! - Bone and Joint Infections

Osteomyelitis is a bone infection, that may occur spontaneously or, more often, following trauma or surgery on bones and joints.


 Implant-related bone infections, occurring after joint prosthesis (hip, knee, shoulder, ankle, etc.) or osteosynthesis (plates, screws, nails implant for fractures or osteotomies), affect hundreds of thousands of people in Europe and Wordlwide, being one of the most challenging complication in orthopedic and trauma surgery, often requiring complex treatments in specialized Centers.  


The great progress made in the last 20 years in specialized Centers, however, has made it possible to achieve a durable remission or the real healing of the infection in more than 90% of cases. 

These improvements do require a continuous effort in updating and perfecting classification, early and differential diagnosis, prevention and treatment, with a combined surgical and medical approach.

This site has as objective to disseminate the knowledge on the treatment of bone and joint infections and prosthetic, connecting patients, professionals (orthopedic surgeons dedicated to infections, microbiologists, infectious disease specialists, immunologists, pharmacologists...) and industry.



Pain after Hip or Knee Prosthesis: Be Careful, It Can Be an Infection !


Infection is among the first three main reasons for failure of joint prosthesis according to many reviews.


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Milano Biofilm Meeting, 23-24 June, 2017




 Crossing Borders in Bone and Joint infection Management


 EBJIS 2016

Lecture Held at the 35th European Bone and Joint Infection meeting in Oxford, UK


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Focus on

Focus on - Bone and Joint Infections


The First, Patented, Antibacterial Hydrogel Coating

to Prevent Biofilms and Implant-Related Infections

in Orthopedic and Trauma Surgery and Not Only...


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a New Patented System to Find Bacteria on Removed Prosthetic Implants


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Diagnosis of Infected Prosthesis with a Combined Diagnostic Tool:

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Antibacterial Bioglass for Osteomyelitis: 

Treating Bone Defects and Infection with One Operation


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Who can benefit ? Video presentation at

EFORT Congress 2015 in Prague, Czech Republic



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“Tratamientos con biomateriales revolucionan la medicina ortopédica” 


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Bacterial Biofilms are the Main Reason for Infection Persistance after Joint Prosthesis, Osteosynthesis and Osteomyelitis



Look at How Bacteria Clonize Biomaterials and Produce Biofilms around a Joint Prosthesis 





 Cerament G

Osteoconductive Bone Substitute with Gentamicin:

The Filler for Bone Defects in Infections.


Video: The Oxford (UK) experience

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The Classic: Portable Micropump for the Treatment of Osteomyelitis  



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Orthopaedic Research Institute Galeazzi, Milano, Italy 


the largest, privately owned, orthopaedic research institute in Italy and one of the largest in Europe.  


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Bone and Joint Infections

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Bone and Joint Infections


Bone and Joint Infections

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